Film Stills 2#
Password protected collection of still photographs taken on-set during filming. Beware, this one is a *horror film*, so viewer discrection is advised.
Film Stills #
Password protected collection of unreleased still photographs taken on-set during filming. Also known as unit stills.
The Cotton Doffers Reclamation of 2069
A fascinating assignment to photograph an art exhibition for Cotton On MCR.
GM Mayor's Green Summit 2019*
I am very pleased to say that my event photography services were requested again at the second Greater Manchester Green Summit. #gmgreencity
GM Natural Capital Conference 2019*
This event photography assignment flew by! I was supporting the PR team's regular tweeting throughout the day by shooting, editing, and sending them great photographs during each presentation. They were often tweeting before the end of each talk! The event was organised by the Greater Manchester Natural Capital Group.
Manchester Day 2018
It was great fun when I was selected to join a team of photographers providing Manchester City Council with photographs of Manchester Day 2018.
Manchester Day Workshop
Manchester City Council were keen to have publicity photos of the volunteers and community groups creating their floats and costumes for Manchester Day 2018, assisted by professional artists.
GM Mayor's Green Summit 2018*
What an exciting assignment to be asked to photograph the first Greater Manchester Green Summit and capture so many important moments. #GMGreenCity
Robots Exhibition*
I managed to grab a front row seat at a discussion event about robotics that was part of the Museum's of Science and Industry's Robots exhibition. I also took some photographs of the exhibition itself.
GM Natural Capital Conference 2018*
It was a pleasure to return to photograph this event for the organisers, following my successful coverage last year. There were a lot of participation activities because the conference also served as a listening event as part of the lead up to the GM Green Summit.
The Wizard Of Oz
Theatre groups and companies have much to gain from professional photographs with which to publicise their productions. They can also create a wonderful reminder of the event for cast and crew.
Manchester Pride
Not so easy to get good photographs from amidst the crowd, but I like to think that I can get high quality photographs out of most situations.
GM Natural Capital Conference 2017*
I was delighted to photograph the Greater Manchester Natural Capital Conference in February 2017. My ability to almost immediately email photographs to the organisers during the day enabled the creation of very timely social media content with engaging images. My pictures were also used on web sites and press releases, and I received third party requests for my photographs of the VIPs as well.
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