Name badges ready!  I was able to email this to the organisers very soon after it was taken and so it featured on their first social media posts of the day.
Exhibitor ready!
Early arrivals taking the chance for some networking.
A group of happy attendees, right next to a banner of a major source of funding for the event.
Heading into the conference room, showing some of the artistic features of the venue and well designed signs.
A good number of the guest speakers enjoying a chat.
Have to get at least one shot with the conference branding and supporter logos. I actually got a few but am showing only a representative selection of photographs.  Please contact me if you want to see more.
The keynote speaker so I got this photo out to the organisers as soon as I could.  It was widely used in social media, websites, and a press release.
A technical glitch but the organiser and tech support are on hand to smoothly sort it out.
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